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Top Rope Wrestling Podcast
Episode 169: Money in the Bank 2022 Review

This week we go back and look at our MITB predictions and see how right (or wrong) we were. There were definitely some surprises.


And now heading to the ring at a total combined weight of all. Wow. The top rope wrestling put ten.

Welcome to another edition of the Top Rope Wrestling Podcast. I am Rick and Drew does not have his Foo Fighters shirt on today. It’s because I did not work today. Ah I see. Rocking some comic book is the oh The Amazing Spider-Man. Breaking. Did you say Superman? Probably. I don’t know. I we can go back and listen, but I’d rather not.

We’re just going to keep going. Are you full of hot dogs and hamburgers as you celebrated America’s birthday yesterday? I mean, I had a hamburger and a hot dog, if that’s what you mean. But it was a very small little gathering of basically just my family yesterday. So didn’t do a whole lot. But, you know, it was fun.

We watched neighbors shoot off fireworks and whatever. What about yourself? I had a hamburger and a hotdog and watched wrestling. Ah, I mean, that’s not a bad thing to do. I actually, I did turn on raw. I watched the first like half hour of raw. Actually, the first actually Raw was a bad last night for Raw. I also drank a soda yesterday, which, as you know, is a rare occurrence for me.

Yes, that is very rare. Yeah, I did not. Oh, no, I did have. I had a Mountain Dew last night, yesterday. Whatever. So, yeah, we will go ahead and talk about money in the bank and the aftermath and everything else. Some things that we didn’t necessarily see coming that that happened. Okay. Yeah. So first off, was the women’s money in the bank ladder match, which was Alexa Bliss versus Becky Lynch versus Oscar versus Liv Morgan versus Raquel Rodriguez versus Lacey Evans versus Shotzi.

A bunch of people who should have won money in the bank before Liv Morgan and Liv Morgan Russell. A match? Yes. Okay. Liv Morgan, as you pointed out, did win. She, um. I gave her no chance of winning. Yeah, I believe you actually gave her a negative chance. Yes, I did not. After did those negative predictions come true, rarely does the first night give negative numbers to win the match.

Yes, but apparently they had a plan. So we can I just I’m not one of these, like, you know what? Good for Liv. Yes. You know, happy. You want your title and you know, but I’m not one of these frickin nerds on the Internet that are just all ecstatic because Liv one, I thought that I would have been much happier with Raquel Rodriguez or Becky Lynch working it.

Yeah, but I mean, it’s nice to see them promote somebody who doesn’t really get it most of the time. So I. New faces wrestling, huh? Well, it doesn’t really get wrestling. Oh, she gets wrestling. I don’t know. I thought maybe that’s what you meant by that. No, that doesn’t get promotion very often. It’s like it’s a made up mid cadre basically.

But she’s young, she’s got plenty of time. It’s not like she’s running out of time or anything. You think she’s 26 years old? Yeah, but I know she she, like, has a she has an out date like that. She wants to to be out of wrestling by, I believe, like she’s already set herself up. She went to like real estate school and all kinds of other things and outdated when I want to stop working.

And that was ten fucking years ago. Yeah, it changes. The difference is she makes more money than you do and she can have an out date. Well, yeah, right. She’s 28, by the way. Oh, well, not mine. So she’s almost 30 and then. So yeah. But moving on, next up was the U.S. championship match between Theory and Bobby Lashley, in which Bobby Lashley defeated Austin Theory.

Yeah, I was once again wrong. Yep, we were both wrong. Honestly, we didn’t think anything was going to change hands or anything of any importance was going to happen. But yeah, seems like they’re at least from the beginning of Raw yesterday it seemed as if they’re trying to still keep the Bobby Lashley theory thing going, but he also wants to fight Roman Brock, whoever next.

Well, he wants to cash in on them at SummerSlam. They to keep him in some kind of angle because he’s like a like he’s probably like the second biggest heel on the roster maybe. Yeah. So they have to have him in some kind of angle. So at his angle can’t be I’m going to cash in my money in the bank thing after two other guys fight.

So yeah, I think that’s just the way I think he’ll lose the US title match to Lashley and then I think honestly, he’s going to cash in too. I can’t see him being the one to defeat Roman Reigns. That would be. Yeah, that would be just horrible. Fucking absurd is what that would be. Yes. Do you think that the original plan was for three to win before people started getting hurt?

I don’t know. It might have been. Honestly, I thought Riddle is going to win because I thought Riddle was in line for the the big babyface push. I know that Brock Lesnar is a substitute for Randy Orton. Is Orton supposed to be a SummerSlam opponent? Yeah.

So moving on next up was the Raw Women’s Championship between Bianca Belair and Kamala with Bianca Belair coming to Earth, coming through and retaining her raw women’s championship. So that when we did get it correctly, yes, that one we did predict correctly. I mean, it was a match. I remember nothing from this match. There’s nothing stood out. Yeah.

I mean, it was it was a Andre’s probably acted like a jackass because his wife was in the ring. Yeah. Nothing stood out from that match. Nothing really stood out from the women’s money in the bank there. There was some good spots, I guess, from there. But it was like I remember liking this pay per view, but I just I can only really the only thing that stands out in my memory was in the last match.

Okay. Next up was the undisputed WWE tag team championships with the USOs retaining their title against the street profits match. That’s yes. A fantastic match oozing with charisma. They say, I can’t really remember what happened then, but it was thinking it was a really good match that went on forever. Apparently Dawkins really shine in the match. Match was oozing with Mandy.

Yeah, it did end with one day. Apparently Ford repeatedly was telling the USOs to suck it from the top rope. All right, here’s the thing about that. Suck it shit. It kept going on throughout the match between the both of them. I honestly think they all watched Super Troopers before this match and saw them playing like the same meow game, how many times we could take the out.

And these guys were like, You know what? We’re going to go out there. Just see how many times we can get away with saying, Suck it in one match. Because it was a lot. It was fucking lot. Yeah. So let’s see. Next up is the Smackdown Women’s Championship match between Ronda Rousey and Natalia, in which Ronda Rousey defeated Natalia.

Yep, we did call the end of that match. We didn’t call the after. No, we did not shocks of that match and we did call the USOs match correctly. They’re not losing their titles. Yes, we did. So Rousey did defeat Natalia and then immediately afterwards Liv Morgan cashed in her money in the bank and she took down Ronda Rousey, which is pretty fucking unbelievable.

And I would I don’t mean unbelievable in oh my God, that’s fucking unbelievable. That happened. I mean, I do not believe that there is any scenario where Liv morgan could take down Ronda Rousey. Yeah, I feel like someone could go in and beat her over the head with a chair for 25 fucking minutes. It’s so she’s so loopy she can barely stand and she could still beat the shit out of Liv morgan.

Yeah, no, I. I completely get you on that one. And I say that knowing that Liv morgan could beat the shit out of me right? But she did just have a match with the towel. Yeah. I don’t know. I can’t really give you a thing. She. The fucking excellence of execution. She’s like the fucking 18th member of the Hart family.

I mean, it’s just, I. I was reading somebody or somewhere that this is, like, the first time, and it was some ridiculous amount of time that one of the four horsewomen is not holding the belt. Yeah. So that’s kind of an interesting. Yeah, you have to go back though, but it’s kind of correct. I guess the smackdown Belt, right?

Yeah. Not the raw because Oscar had the raw and she’s not a horse woman. Correct. I’m just I mean, she may appreciate didn’t like to ride horses, but she’s not considered one of the four horsemen. Yes. Yeah. I was trying to see if I could find the list up. There is so Bayley would have been the last one in 2019.

Well there’s the four horsewomen and then there’s the four Mae ones so it’s, it’s right is, it’s like Shayna Baszler, Ronda Rousey, there’s two more Emma ones and then it’s Bayley Banks. Becky and Charlotte we can just go it’s let’s see Liv morgan’s currently the holder Ronda Rousey before then Charlotte Flair Becky Lynch Bianca Belair Sasha Banks Bayley Charlotte flair Bayley Charlotte flair becky Lynch.

Charlotte flair. Oscar had it in 2018, so no, I was just trying to. Okay, so Bayley, Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair and Sasha Banks are the four horsewomen and then I guess they have, I guess if you include the main ones. Okay. So we’ve been yeah, the four always been the four imports limit two. So Oscar is the last one back in 2018, December 16, 2018.

Good for Oscar. Good for Oscar love. So Oscar. And then last but not least, was the 2022 money in the bank. Their men’s money in the bank ladder match between Drew McIntyre, Seth Rollins, Riddle, Sami Zayn, Madcap Moss, Seamus Almost and Thierry theory being a last minute addition after losing the U.S. championship and ends up winning. I try not to say prayers for trivial things, you know, I try to save that for important things.

But I was praying that mad cap Moss would not win this fucking match. Oh, yeah. I was horrified that mad cap Moss was going to win it. I don’t know. No idea why that was just your fear. The biggest fear that you had that day was biggest fear within that. Within that two and a half hour window that that money in the bank was on, was that madcap moss would win money in the bank.

The one thing I remember from the entire night, well, two things. But the second thing we’ll go over after we review the pay per view is the like six person razor’s edge through the table that that was with Moss. They’re almost, almost yeah. Almost like almost seven of them picked him up and threw him through a table. Yeah, it was a fun match.

Yeah. From the highlights, I, I agree with you. I did not actually. I only watched highlights because it was on a Saturday night and I had things I had to and I had stuff that they had to do on Sunday and I had stuff to do on Monday. So I watched highlights. It’s good for a person that does a wrestling.

It is. It is. When I was on it, like, I wanted to go back and watch it this week, but I had an hour before today. I just hadn’t had time to because we haven’t birthday parties and everything else, so we ended up going to. So it wasn’t like a must watch Pay-Per-View. Yeah, I mean, I watched the Big Four all the time, but yeah.

So overall I thought it was decent, I mean, for being not one of the Big Four, it ended up being a better pay per view than I expected it to be. The weird vignette, I don’t know if you saw that because you only watched highlights. I don’t think I did. I’m trying to think go to the Google machine and type in weird vignette from Monday night are from money in the bank it’ll know what you’re told google will know what you’re talking about and watch it.

Okay let’s see I’m I’m watching it right now. There’s stuff going on. It looks very down and so this could be this is interesting, very cool TV churchy. I don’t really know what to say about that. And the word on the street is this is edge. Okay. Okay. There’s a lot of weird things in there. There is a gold medal, Kurt Angle gold medal.

There’s a license plate that says Latino heat on it. Yeah, I see. I’m actually looking at that right now. I went back to see that Dudley Boyz Glasses and Hardy Boys arm things up in there. And then there’s a bunch of crosses which would represent Christian, right? So the word on the Internets is that this is edges like, I don’t know final come back now to character because he had that cool character with judgment day until they ditched it three weeks later.

Yeah, I mean I could see it. It’s definitely got everything that, that, that fits it. So it’s very attitude era heavy. Yeah. But it’s also made to look like they’re trolling you to think that Bray Wyatt’s coming back. Yes, that is definitely. I could definitely see that. Yeah. The very the very first viewing I viewed the really the only thing I picked out, I pick up the license plate to the second viewing was the gold medal.

And I was like, Oh, are they giving fucking Gable Stevenson a fucking really dark character? That would be interesting. But no, I don’t think you’re going to go. Yeah, no, I could definitely see it being edged after out with all the little hints and stuff that were dropped in it. Mm hmm.

I wonder what the character is going to be. I mean, he’s had so many of them. But, see, I. I liked that judgment day. Yeah. No, it was good. It cut his hair. He’s wearing a suit. He was using the word omnipotent. I hope I learned a new word. I mean, it was really sort of, I don’t know, half the words over six letters.

Right. Aren’t you a writer? My look, I get by on my looks. Okay. Speaking of writers, did you see that Kevin Smith is going to be touring with his Doom with Clerks three? Yeah, I’m hoping he does what he did with Jay and Silent Bob reboot where he does like a what do you call it. They’re not it’s not like in a movie theater, but it’s fan Fantasma productions.

Oh yeah. You buy the special ticket for it. Yeah. In the movie theater. Yeah. Yeah. I hope he does that with it because I really don’t want to go watch it at the Hard Rock Live as he tours with it and there’s a six hour Q and A afterwards seen too much with him. It’s not that I just get I’m getting to the point of old where like, hey, I don’t want to be in one place for 6 hours.

I can get like I can where I’m not moving around and I’m just sitting like other than work because they’re giving me money to do that. But like, I don’t know, well, like, I’m not going to that show in a couple weeks because I don’t want to sit it harder or at a House of Blues. I don’t want to be around all people and for three or 4 hours.

And I mean, I would if they would set like if the hard are not hard rock the House of Blues would like only let a certain amount of people in, but they packed that place so tight that it’s just it’s not worth going in there unless I hadn’t seen them in years. Right. I, uh, I got to say, that’s one place I would probably pay double to not have to deal with people.

I know you can to like, I know you can sit up in the balcony and watch or whatever for the extra money, but it’s not the same. Like, I want to be on the floor near the show, but without and you know, without all those people you want like a like a square around, you have ropes. Yeah, exactly.

Like I want my. It’s about three feet long. I want my. Yeah. Like they were doing during COVID. When you go to those events like I want to have my own little booth and that is my area and no one can come inside of it. And this is mine, sit there and I can rock out. And we went and saw an event at a or is it Dr. Philip Center on their outdoor thing during COVID and everybody had their own little like platform that they were on that had fencing around it and you could have four or six people inside of that little box and you just bought your box.

And that was that was you. That’s what you got to do. And but I did they don’t do that kind of stuff anymore. But the thought of watching like a two hour Clerks movie and I don’t know if you’ve been to one of his Q&A, I’ve been to one of his straight up Q and it’s not even like a podcast or anything like that, like straight up Q&A.

And it went seven fucking hours. And I can’t imagine watching Clerks for 2 hours and then sitting an additional 7 hours. Yeah. To watch that that might, might do me in for sure. Yeah. I could barely make it like an hour and I like if they showed the movie and then did like like an hour and a half to two hour Q and A Yeah, fine.

I’m there. Let’s do it. But if I’m in for 7 hours of just the I’ve seen nothing like cartoons recently as far as my movie going. So I don’t really have much to add for moviegoing because we went last year and then we went and saw Minions. So last movie I saw still stands at Doctor Strange. So I have not seen the Jurassic World.

We have not seen dress. I have not seen Jurassic World either. I’ve not heard that thing and Top Gun shoot them up for whatever the fuck it says. I heard Top Guns actually supposed to be pretty good, but I have not seen it yet. We are planning on going to see Thor though. I’ll be out of town this weekend so I will not be seen for this weekend.

I’m hoping to see it the weekend I get back. You’re ready for your vacation, though? I am. I haven’t been out of town since last September. I’m excited to be going somewhere I haven’t been before. So that’s. That’s more. So where are you headed? In Ohio. Oh, yeah, that’s right. That’s obviously I’ve never been there before. Who goes to Ohio?

My dad was born and raised in Ohio. Yes, I get that. People are born and raised there. Who goes to Ohio like it’s somewhere you end up. It’s like a layover and like like you can’t catch another flight, so you end up living there. That’s Ohio. Yeah, pretty much. It’s I’ve driven through it. I’ve been a couple of times, but nothing ever that I want to do.

Stay there for any reason. Yeah, I’m going to go go into Kentucky for a little bit just to check it out. Knock that off of my 50 states list. Kentucky is another place I don’t believe people intentionally visit. I actually have friends, multiple friends who have moved to Kentucky for work or for the fact that they wanted to live in Kentucky for the fact that they wanted to live in Kentucky, one of them for work.

But two of them. Two of them for because they wanted to. Did they have family there? Um, one of was like, I think their husband had family there. The other one did not. Yeah. So there’s a family connection. No one no one is just like, I want to live in Kentucky. Like Kentucky. So fucking beautiful. I want to live in Kentucky.

No one has ever said that in life. Fucking Colonel Sanders didn’t even fucking think that Sanders was looking for a way out. That’s why he made that chicken. I have. I have been to nice, very nice areas of Kentucky. I will I can’t I can’t say too bad things that I Kentucky because I’ve been there a couple of times and I have not I have enjoyed my time.

I will give you my review of Kentucky at our next episode. Okay. If you just go to like that tip right near Cincinnati, it doesn’t really count. You have to go in like go into Kentucky. Oh, no, I’m just going to the city. Like, I’m just I’m just knocking this off my fifth Lexington not and Lexington not into I’m not into Kentucky.

Like, I’m not I’m going to find a KFC and I’m going to order a piece of chicken and fucking walk around with a piece of chicken, and that’s about it. And then I’m going to go back to Cincinnati. Going back to your Cincinnati thing, they’re opening a Skyline Chili here in Orlando. Oh, nice. Yeah. I’m looking forward to trying that for the first time.

Skyline is really good. I will. It’s it’s definitely different from what a standard chili is with the cinnamon and everything. And you had to order five ways, chili, five way. So way to go, in my opinion. I’m hoping also to see some flying turkeys. LAMB Out there, you okay? DRONE No, no. And I think. Oh, well, I thought I figured you’d get that one.

No, I did not get that one. Okay, now I’m confused, and I feel like I should have done the reference. It’s like I really I didn’t even watch the TV show often. And I know that it’s like a really famous episode of WKRN Cincinnati. Oh, see, I didn’t watch that crap, so neither did I. They throw the turkey off.

Okay, I know. Yes. Okay, I got it. Okay, we’re good. I know. Because then it was done. It was actually done on Letterman later. Yeah. So. Okay, well, you want to get out of here so you can get on vacation time. Sure are we done? Yeah, we’re done. Unless there’s something else you want to add, then. 20 minutes.

Yeah. Uh huh. We’ve done 26 minutes. Holy shit. Let’s get us out of here. A it’s good out. Speaking of that, this got the worst thing about Raw last night was this. They they they brought they brought our truth out in a fucking Uncle Sam outfit and paraded Gunther. Gunther, whatever the fuck his name is. Who I I’m a fan of good their.

I just hate the name I prefer Walter paraded him out like he was fucking the Russian in Rocky three and had him squashed r-truth in a Uncle Sam outfit. And it was the most awkward shit because R-Truth was trying to get a U-S-A chant going and only about like a third of the crowd was chanting.

I mean, it’s not we definitely don’t live in the times where USA, USA, USA is. The thing that chants. I mean, I don’t even know if Hulk Hogan had the other USA chant going at this point. Jim, Jim, Doug and Colby get much of a chant going other than get the fuck away from here. Drew. So but Hacksaw, Jim Duggan I think Hacksaw could get it.

You think Hacksaw could get it all? Hacksaw was he was the fucking like that guy was like the poster boy for the USA. He’s also the poster boy for like listening to Creedence Clearwater Revival. I go to top rope wrestling podcasts on Instagram, which has still not been updated in a long time. I’ll go to top rope wrestling without the G on Twitter that does get updated.

I tweeted at Corey Graves last night and I was hoping to get a response from him, but I did not. Your Facebook. Facebook is Top Rope Wrestling Podcast. You can join our group or you can just follow our page and then you can head over to where the magic happens. And that is top rope wrestling dot com. I can look through our archives.

You can listen to our predictions from last week and see that we were pretty much what would you say we were 50% this time? I’ll give us 65% because yeah, usually we’re in the high eighties to nineties and sometimes even 100%. This is probably the lowest we’ve dropped. But you can listen to our past episodes from there. You can email us.

Rick is going to tell you how to email us. Now I can go to podcast top of or Ric or Drew, a top rope wrestling dot com. You can also go to type of wrestling dot com and click on the Contact US link at the top of the page. Or you can leave us a voicemail at nine five, one top rope and all of those things will get a hold of us.

And if you leave us a message, we promise we’ll try and play it on the air. But we have not had any real messages other than the person who was trying to talk to somebody else. At one point. And I think they thought they were reaching somebody else. So that’s it. We play that what we could. Well, what about next week?

We’ll play it next week. So tune in next week to hear our random voice mail. As long as I didn’t delete it. Yeah. So I tweeted to Corey Graves because he made an old 96 reference last night on Raw, which obviously is a reference to the great outdoors, one of the best movies ever made. So I tweeted him, thanking him for the reference, and I was hoping he would get back to us and say, you’re welcome, you know, go fuck yourself.

I got a whole lot of nothing. Yeah, pretty much. Yeah. You get out of here, it’s ready to head off to Ohio. Cincinnati, Ohio, is it? Oh, hihi0. I’m doing it at least once on their own. If I can annoy people, this is going to walk the streets of fucking do it. Go like, oh it’s I Oh yeah.

No, what you should do is go to Detroit and do that. No, I will tell you this and I used to tell our old friend at golf, our golf channel, Tim Joseph, this all the time, who was from Detroit. There is only one city in America. I have I am not comfortable going to. And it’s Detroit, really. And no, I have no business in that place.

And I feel like I would be murdered as soon as I got off the man tiger Stadium is so nice. And and the Pizza Palace, which is their what they call the the arena because literally Little Caesars Arena or whatever it’s nice if you just stay out of certain areas and you are absolutely fine. I feel like as you know, how like when you get off the plane in Hawaii, they give you a lei and they’re like, welcome to Hawaii.

They give you a lock when you walk off. And both you like you get off the plane at fucking Detroit Airport and someone just stabs you right in the stomach and you walk away and that’s your free knife that you get. The the airport is in Vulcan, in case you’re wondering. I know Romulus. Romulus. It’s in Romulus. They serve Romulus now.

They do not. Okay. I love you. I looked last time I flew in there. But Detroit is not a bad town. It’s got a bad rap, but it is not as bad as people seem to think. The only city in America I will not voluntarily go to, and it is very easy to get to Canada from there. Prince Edward Island right now he up west really I thought that’s where he’s sorry what’s what’s city in Canada is above Detroit Windsor that sounds fancy.

There’s a casino there and we’re still recording but funny story and we’ll get off after this. So I was in Windsor 19 years old, which is the drinking age in Canada. We had we had been drinking heavily. And we see this guy getting arrested as we’re walking down the street. And my roommate at the time stumbles and she falls down and skins her knee.

And this guy just turns around, goes, I’m getting arrested and bitch is falling down. I’m getting arrested. Bitch is falling down. And that was so that was. Yeah, we just got up like the guy must have done it for 15 minutes to this is in Windsor and Windsor, Ontario. This sounds like Windsor itself. Sounds like such a sophisticated place.

Like, I’d have to like it’s very like I’d have to wear like a vest and a like a bowler hat. No, I mean, it’s super nice. It’s not. It’s laid back. I mean, it’s a it’s a casino town. It’s border town. We got French fries at McDonald’s and they served with Mayo, which was interesting. Have you ever had French fries with mayo?

I have. I prefer fries. There is some French in my bloodline on my mother’s side. And so I have many a time had french fries with male. It’s not bad. I’m pretty good. I like the mix of mayo and catch up in fries us. I like actually my favorite combo for fries is mustard and ketchup mixed together. Interesting.

I am a mayo ketchup and lowry seasoning salt mainly ketchup is good is that’s what they put on a lot.