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Top Rope Wrestling Podcast
Episode 170: WWE Crazy

This week we are headed for a weekend filled with WWE. We talk about heading to Smackdown on Friday and Sunday Stunner on Sunday. We also talk about PWA’s Allstar Action happening Sunday in Sanford Florida.

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And now heading to the ring at a total combined weight of all. Wow. The top rope wrestling put ten.

Welcome to another edition of the Top Rap Wrestling Podcast. I am Rick and Drew is drinking a water because he wants to stay hydrated. Yep. And you’ve got your Foo Fighters shirt on. I got my favorite shirt on. Are you two in a nice. Yeah, I had to take a drink, too. We just got back from dinner, so I was given some thought that, like, phlegm built up in the back of the throat.

So we went to Don. Julio’s got some delicious Mexican food. Was Don Julio there? No, I don’t believe so. I don’t even know if there is a Don Julio. There has to be. I mean, there is a Don Julio somewhere. I don’t know if he’s actually related to the restaurant or they just came up with something. But we have a big week in wrestling for us.

Yeah. So. And then we have an event that also is going on on Sunday that we won’t be at because we’re going to be at another event because every single time this event comes up, one of us has something else. Yes. He even sent us a message on Instagram asking us if we were going to show up. Well, I mean, I feel bad because we promote the show and we should be there, but we’ve been super busy.

It’s his first time. We’ll go ahead and talk about that first date out of the way. But pro wrestling action has heroes and villains, too. Is that the one that they’re doing this time, I believe? No, I thought it had different. All star battle. All star battle, volume two. That’s what it was. Yeah. And they’re changing locations for this one.

It is going to be they’re going to actually be where we saw. And Alexi at the Sanford Civic Center. Oh, I like that location. I do, too. But doors are at 530, bells at 630. I don’t know if they have any. I don’t see any announce, at least not on their page. I don’t see any of their Instagram page.

Real quick, see if they have some match. I’ll bet they’re they’re events are always fun. They’re very family friendly compared to some of the other events that go on in the area, too. So also compared to this show, it’s very family friendly. That, too. I know the last time we talked to him, he said that there were a couple of A.W. like guys you see on A.W. Dark and whatnot that are going to be there.

For this show, I wonder if cha cha cha is going to be there. He’s on the show. Charlie is going to be there and triple C? Yes. Cha cha cha. I hope that takes off triple C. I know if I if I if I ever make it out to one of these events again, you’re going to start with a si, si, si.

I’m going to call trips or triple C? Yeah, triple C, but yeah, they, they have they always put on the they keep they put on a very good event. It’s well run, it’s, it’s bigger this time. So hopefully seating will be even better. Yeah, it should be a little less chaotic than the first time we went. The main event is cha cha cha agony with Dr. Eric Christopher Bellamy Thatcher and era in a battle for fatal four way match where the winner becomes the first ever pro wrestling action all star champion.

Oh, he got a belt. He got a belt. Also, an action is short on, say, Royale. Simon says Steve Michaels, Valentine, Rosie and more. Rossi, Valentino, Rossi and more. I wonder if Vicky Dreamboat Star again? I don’t know. She’s not advertised, so I would like to see her wrestle before her inevitable take off. Yeah. So, yeah, that was.

That’s an event coming up on Saturday in Sanford. Tickets are pretty cheap. Triple C will be in the main event. Yes. Triple C will be. I’m looking for the ticket price. Right. The second I want to say, it was like $25, usually 15 bucks, I think. I think it was 15. Tickets are on sale for as low as $15 in advance.

They’re going to be $5 more at the door. So if you want, go get them early. It is $15 for general admission, $20 for front row, but that is actually sold out. And they’re actually having a you can get an autographed event poster for an extra $10. And if you mention top rope wrestling podcast, it’s $30. Yes, he’ll definitely charge you more for charging.

Or if you if you mention our name, our name is nothing in this town. Absolutely nothing. Or in the wrestling world. Wrestling business, industry world. I mean, it’s managed to get me a couple of free tickets here and there for events. And we’re going to be speaking of we’re going to be using two of those three of those tickets on Saturday using our podcast privilege, our podcast privilege on Thursday, Friday night, as seat fillers, we’re going to be seat fillers.

It’s going to be like the Oscars or do or if it’s just there’s an empty seat, we occupy that seat. I’m so I never got called to go to another seat last time I did it. But basically what they tell you is be ready to go. And if somebody has to leave early or leave for an extended period, or sometimes even if you just go to the bathroom, I think they have like a corral that’s down low where they’ll just stick people in the thing.

But I just sat up in the suite last time and got to watch Raw. That’s cool. Either way, that’s fine. Because you know what? If they send me to the lower like the floor? I’m just going to sit there like a complete fanboy, take pictures of wrestlers. Yeah. I mean, it was we allowed because I know he said it says in the ad that like technically we work for WWE that night.

Yes. Does that mean we can’t, like, bug them if we run into wrestlers? No. You’re a regular fan to them. I mean, it’s the only difference is what your ticket says. Like, is there any kind of badge or anything like that? No. I mean, you get a different ticket and that’s it. I don’t get like a crew badge.

No, I was actually kind of hoping for that. But you do not get any kind of badge. It’s like a walk backstage would be like, it’s cool. I’m good. I’m going to set up the catering room tonight for a spot later that we’re doing in there. So it’s good you might be able to talk your way through some things, but.

Oh, that was thunder outside of my house. I don’t know if you heard that or not. Rolls But strike so the smackdown car they there’s only two announced matches so far that I’m aware of. There’s a third but is there. I haven’t I’ve haven’t really. I’ll hear you’re too because I think there’s a women’s one. I don’t think you said so.

The two that I have are the Smackdown women’s champion Liv morgan versus Natalia. Okay, everyone. Then just to end a championship, contenders match and theory versus madcap moss. Two of your favorite. Yeah, I’m so excited about. I don’t mind theory. I don’t like him like. I don’t like him in a good way. Meaning he’s a good heel. Like he plays that.

He plays that young, arrogant card very well. And I don’t know, I have a feeling like, based on how well he listens and stuff that he’s probably not like that. So I just, I like to hate theory. He’s like an MJF to me. But yeah, mad cap bosses just I’m not going to say Madcap Moss is a douche because I’ll be in the same building with him on Friday and I don’t need to find out that he listens to the show and wants to body slam me or something.

Well, we have a connection to him, so can you get word through that connection that it would be a lot better? Like my opinion of him would be a lot better if he just cut that fucking hair. I will. I swear. I don’t think that he has that much connection with him anymore. But I could ask if you also have someone that has a connection to Seth Rollins.

Same thing. Cut the fucking hair. Oh, so we are recording today on Tuesday because I’m going to be over in Daytona for my wife’s testing for her taekwondo or her first degree black belt in taekwondo. I like how you worded it earlier. Better? Yes. That she was testing for a black belt. Yeah, she’s testing black belt. It’s just she is testing for quality Thai ability if they make a good not do they fit in the little loops around the what do you call the the the the thing that you wear for your karate person.

Well in karate it’s a G but it’s got a special name, it’s got a different name for taekwondo that I can’t remember the g like thing she’s testing to make sure the loops in the belt fit well. The reason I bring up that it’s Tuesday though. Do you know there are a number of wrestling birthdays today? Are there?

Do you know who they might be? I have absolutely no clue. You have no idea? Archery? No. First up, going a little old school, but it is a hurricane Shane Helms birthday. Hurricane Helms birthday. I’m going to say 53. I do not know. I did not look them up. So let me find out. Let’s see. He is 47.

Oh, God, he’s not. He’s he’s he’s only three years older than me. Yes. Wow. Okay. Well, happy birthday, hurricane elves. Next up is Sami Zayn. Sami Zayn, I’m going to say, is 36 years old. 37. Oh, really? He’s that old. He turned 37 today. It’s his clerk’s birthday is he’s 37. Yes. And that’s how many dicks you suck.

You on the way speaking out. We’ll probably have to talk about that later too. Since I came out. Since the last time we’ve recorded. Yeah. So I already have my tickets to the fab of that. Oh do you. I haven’t, I haven’t looked at it yet but I will need to do so. And last but not least, it is Brock Lesnar’s birthday.

Well, I. I know how old he is. He’s 45. 44 now. He will. He turned 45 today. They haven’t updated his born date yet. As I say that’s oh it’s zero. I know that for sure. No, he is definitely 45. They haven’t updated it on Wikipedia yet. You would think that’d be an automatic thing that they would do.

Yeah. Like that could be a code based thing, but whatever. What do I know? I just code for a living. So we also have another WWE event. This one we paid for? Yes. On Sunday in Daytona Beach. Sunday stunner, which will not feature Steve Austin or Kevin Owens. No. So no, it will be stunning. Anyone or Cody Rhodes who does a stunner.

Cody Cutter. Never mind. That’s Sunday, Sunday, Sunday, Sunday, so far. So I haven’t I can only find on the ocean center site where they have any kind of promotion of what’s going on and it’s wrong. So I don’t know. They’re all going to be there. They’re also in the lake on that night. So it is anyone’s guess who’s going to be there.

Yeah, it’s a see raw women’s championship champion Bianca Belair, Liv Morgan, Rhea Ripley and big time Becky Lynch battling a fatal four way match. That’s not going to happen, right? The American nightmare cuts Cody Rhodes versus Seth freakin Rollins. That’s not going to happen. And The Night will also feature Oscar theory, AJ Styles, Damian Priest and many more.

So I could see I get to see Austin Theory two times this weekend. Yes you do. I am going to. Oh you didn’t go that TNA that one this I’m going to hang out around where they live in the ocean center hoping to meet a wrestler that I took an awful picture with. Okay. And get a better picture with that wrestler.

Okay. Yeah. You’re not going to get there, are you? The wrestler is. I’ll tell you. Okay. That was so I only say that because I went there in 2010 for a TNA event and as we were walking to the car there, it’s like where where the wrestlers leave. Mick Foley was hanging out. So maybe if I’m lucky, some, some of the wrestlers there, they’re actually in Fort Lauderdale and in Daytona.

Oh, I thought they were in Lakeland. Now I have a feeling we’re going to get the warm up, match the riddle versus Seth Rollins, SummerSlam match. Okay, if I had the guests, it’ll be raw heavy because smackdown’s in Orlando Friday so they might send their smackdown people to Fort. They said Fort Lauderdale is the other one. Yeah, Fort Lauderdale is the other one.

I’d send most of the Smackdown people to Fort Lauderdale and we probably will get raw people if I had to guess that fatal four way would probably not feature Smackdown Women’s Champion Liv Morgan currently injured Rhea Ripley. Hopefully I would think where Seth goes is baby mama will probably get to see Becky Lynch maybe the it should be I mean it’ll be interesting to see who does show and who we get that’s not like going to those events is they promote everything and the card is subject to change so you never know who you’re going to get.

So I’m really hoping that Friday Roman Raymond shows up so we can acknowledge your tribal chief, Roman Reigns. I mean, we could do that. I’ll do that and I’ll do that in catering. Well, I’m trying to get a burger and not get thrown out. Last time they had food in the suites, so that was kind of nice. Oh, yeah.

But I don’t think it was originally like made for us. But there is leftovers and they didn’t care if we took it. So I’ll go grab ten burgers. It’s free. It’s like will be the great style of my life. I think it was like roast beef and a couple, like it was actually like a full, like regular catering thing.

It wasn’t like hot dogs and hamburgers. Oh, shit. I’m getting a full odd meal. Yeah, it was like a me, so. But yeah, that’s. We have a lot of WWE stuff going on this week. Yeah, this is WWE WWE weekend weekend. We can week week. Okay. You think Max Dupree will be there? I don’t know. Do you know who?

Max Dupree is? That’s L.A. night. No, I know. Huh? That’s okay. I. Max Dupree. All right. I know him. No, his TNA name as watch. Eli Drake. Eli Drake? Yeah. So outside of wrestling news, because I don’t actually I wanted to start a new part of the podcast if I can come up with it real fast. I had completely forgot that I was doing this, so but I want to try and come up and like every week talk about this week in wrestling in the past, like what’s gone on like review of Pay-Per-View from ten years ago.

No, just like. Yeah, just what happened this week and in the past. Oh, okay. I think that I was meant to prepare it and let’s see, things that haven’t been updated. I will have to better prepare because. But I think that’s do you think that’d be a good part to to add to the podcast something every week that we know we have a go to that everybody can like a bit that’s fine because everybody does like a bit everybody does wrestling news, but nobody does like wrestling history.

And if it is, it’s like they’ll focus on one thing. And I just want to know what happened this week in the past. We can we call it Living in the past. Sure. That’s what you would like to call it. Should we come out? Should we like when we should we have a song made. Oh, yes. All right.

So full disclosure, Chris, to mix, we’ll do a song now for mean you have to pay money for it. He’ll do a song now. So I’m considering having him do a song for My Girl Black documentary, just to say I commissioned him to do a song we could commission him to do a a throw to song for living best that works on this DVD, whatever.

And you put some soundbites on it. Let’s see. Yeah, I’ll, I’ll have to go through and see what’s been go are like what is this week in history and just do some research from week to week. I can prepare at least one thing, you know what I mean? I don’t get I don’t I don’t have a lot of time to prepare things, but okay.

But moving on, outside of wrestling, we have Clerks Club three. I, I absolutely should never have laughed that hard at a trailer, but I laughed really hard at that trailer. I didn’t. You didn’t really. I laughed at the part where he said, Do you want me to do mouth stuff when the guy would read All seven Rights Act?

But they did that. I was like, Oh my God, this is just very, very, very unfunny. I mean, I’m sure I enjoyed it, but yeah, I’m excited for Clerks three. I will have to go get my Fandango ticket. Yeah. If you decide to do it on the Tuesday at 7:00 and outsmart me and one of your other buddies, perhaps one of your other former co-hosts will be there.

Really? Yeah. I will have to talk to Ruth because she wants to go to LA, so we’ll will. But yeah, that should be a a good time. If you haven’t seen it, go check it out. Hopefully we don’t have to sit through hours of Kevin Smith, but if it’s a Fandango event, then well, you’re not a fandango. I whenever I went to the I went to the Jay and Silent Bob reboot one, he just does an intro.

He does like a three minute intro that’s pre-tape. Okay, that’s not bad. They don’t do like you to have questions afterwards. I get drunk for 2 hours, but. Yeah. So you went on vacation and you’re supposed to give us a report of Kentucky? Yes. And Ohio. But the great state of Kentucky, the one little part that you visited.

Yes, the little section this big of Kentucky that I visited. What is pretty nice. I’ll try and remember the name of the city that’s right there below Cincinnati. I think I have family there, actually. What was the city that you went to? I have no idea if it was wherever the Cincinnati or. Oh, yeah, New Newport. Newport was the name of the city actually is.

It’s very old looking, but very nice. That’s nice. There’s big hills, something I’m not used to living down here. I did not see anything representing Colonel Sanders, and that was kind of a disappointment. You’re not really in that area for Colonel Sanders. Colonel Sanders, Arkansas. It’s not fucking Lexington Fried Chicken. It’s Kentucky Fried Chicken. Well, I know, but like he was, that should be more Lexington area, which is farther, much farther south.

The colonel should be on every day. The Colonel should be on the fucking dollar bill in that state. You should have Charlie removed George Washington and put Colonel Sanders on the Kentucky dollar bill. But it’s nice. I went to a comic book store there and bought a Batman, and that was pretty fun.

The Uber driver that took me from Kentucky to Cincinnati lives in Indiana, so that guy makes it three state drive every day. I mean, you got to go where the money is, I guess. I guess I did not see any blue grass. Did you go there and did you go to that? The cause isn’t society where they have the building that they modeled the wow.

Am I completely like it not super friends the DC group of like they’re their ventures. Yeah. Oh I didn’t see anything that resembled that the hull of the building that it was named or that it was designed after is in Cincinnati, Ohio. I didn’t see that that I know that I would have made a special trip. It’s the union terminal in Cincinnati.

I don’t think I went there. I did take a walking tour that went around and showed us a bunch of locations from the 1919 World Series, which was pretty interesting, told the story of the the gambling and stuff. Hmm. That I went to not one, but two Tampa Bay versus Cincinnati Reds game. I saw that. And you were staying at the same hotel that they were to.

Yes. Yes, that was pretty cool. We got to see a couple of them in the bar. What was this guy’s name? Shane McClanahan was one of the dudes we got to meet. I actually got to shake that thing and then we got to see a couple of the other players just kind of hanging out, talking, basically. That’s cool.

Yeah. And then I, I saw that one of your people that you’re with ran into the broadcaster, too? Yes. We also ran into Fiona, the hippo at the Cincinnati Zoo. And the mouse camera. What the hell was that? They sent you a link to the o to the picture. Oh, okay. Um, it just took my whole screen. Oh, sorry about that.

That’s the most camera ready giraffe I’ve ever seen in my life. I saw that picture. That was pretty funny. That’s sad looking, right? I mean, I that’s that’s I think that’s the best picture I’ve ever taken with an animal. Yeah, I did nothing. I worked last week. Yeah. Got back into the swing of things. Nothing. Nothing big on my end after taking our three week road trip.

Yeah, I meant to ask you. Yes. Now that you have been to New Mexico, you can verify things that I belong to curious about. Okay? Such as? Are there people there? There are definitely people in New Mexico. Okay. There’s people in New Mexico. Yes. I ran into more people in New Mexico than I did in Wyoming. Okay. Question two.

There’s people in Wyoming. There are not many, but there are people in Wyoming. Wyoming was Wyoming and South Dakota. There were times where you would just drive and not see people like cars or just people at all. Anything. So yeah, probably there. Rapid City, South Dakota is on my list of places that if I had to move somewhere, I would consider moving too, because Rapid City is big enough where they have everything that I need, including the world’s largest quarter pounder and they have a Walmart.

Oh yeah, they have like full grocery. Yeah. One of the questions we asked while we were at Cincinnati is what to pick as we agreed. We’re spoiled in Florida. We have a lot to do in Florida. What the hell do people do it in Cincinnati or just Ohio in general? Ohio, they a lot of I mean, Football Hall of Fame’s their Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and we do that stuff.

So many sound like you get the season pass. Well, Jug Lake’s gone now, but what’s it called? The big amusement park I’m completely playing coming out of Cedar Rapids. Cedar Point. Cedar Rapids is a completely different place. Yeah. So the thing with Cincinnati is Cincinnati is more like Kentucky. Indiana, than it actually is Ohio because like you’re, what, like three miles from Columbus and then an hour, 3 hours from Columbus and then like another 3 hours, the two Cleveland from there.

And then you’ve got to get like a lot of stuff in Ohio is up in the air right on Lake Erie, like in that area, because that’s where Cedar Point is and everything else. I’ve only driven through Cincinnati. I’ve not really done a whole lot in Cincinnati. There’s not like but I drove past that. I drove past the yeah, the Hall of Justice.

That’s how I knew it was there, because I was driving up, I looked over, I was like, Oh, that looks like the Hall of Justice. And I looked it up and it was modeled after after that. Yeah. It’s just there’s just not a lot to do there. I mean. Oh, I saw I saw a art concert. Interesting. Yeah.

It’s some 2005 of the alternative. I saw that they released the concert lineup for each of the beats food. Yeah. Yeah, I wasn’t impressed with it. No, I kind of like that. It would be. And I’m going to go see Hoobastank. I’ll go see Boyz II Men again, because I always go see what’s the band every time they go, No, Everclear this year, no.

Everclear is playing at Ace Cafe, which I might actually pony up some money and go see them, because there’s some songs that they don’t play at Disney because they’re inappropriate. I’m guessing like heroin girl, heroin girl. I’d like to hear them. I’ve seen them live quite a few times, so yeah, I mean, I’ve seen them. I’ll probably up to six or seven times by now, but not if I’m saying not at Disney.

I’ve seen them. I mean, I’ve only seen them once outside of Disney New. I think you were with me at that one. Yep. But yeah, basically the problem with where you were is in Cincinnati is like outside of like it’s not real Ohio. Like they could hand it over to another state and no one would care. Okay, I can see that happening.

Yeah. Yeah, it’s I haven’t been up to I drove through Cincy on our way to the University of Michigan for the football game up there. Like four or five years ago or maybe longer than that now. Holy crap. Like six years, seven years ago. Yeah. Any thing else you got going on? Anything you want to talk about? Something you did last week.

We covered what we’re doing this weekend. Yeah, it’s covered one. We talked a little bit about movies. We need to. I need to reach out. There’s somebody who found me on Facebook through one of the podcast things I’m part of, and. But they do a, they have a podcast called Keels and Reels and it’s about wrestling and movies.

And I think that we would be good guests to go on their show. Yes, absolutely. Love to do that. So I will I have to reach out to them. So, yeah, we can get out here. You want to plug our socials? Sure. You can. Go to Top of Wrestling Podcast and Instagram, but there is no point doing that.

So I have an update. In weeks I could go to top rope wrestling without the G on Twitter Facebook. You can go to Top Rope Wrestling Podcast. On the Facebook you can go to top rope wrestling dot com. From there you must go our archives you listen to last week’s show where we reviewed money in the bank and I made the promise of a review of Kentucky, which I followed through on.

We listen to next week’s show where I’m sure we will talk at Nausea about Smackdown and Sunday Stutter, and about how I will somehow get Ric to acknowledge his tribal chief and the head of his table. Roman Reigns. I will also somehow make it possible where Roman Reigns will be at the head of his table. We could never do that.

Like if he just showed up at your house because he’s so big and obviously could kick your ass in 2 seconds. And he was just like, I’m sitting at the head of your Thanksgiving table and that’s all there is to it. Would you call the cops or would you just be like fighting Roman Reigns? Go ahead. Honestly, you have an open door policy for Thanksgiving.

So if he wants to come to my home Thanksgiving and sit at the head of the table, fine. But he is holding special as an official invitation. It is an official invitation. He officially invited Roman Reigns to your Thanksgiving dinner. The problem is, you will have to figure out which table. And we tend to use folding tables because there’s a lot of people who show up.

That’s all right. He’s the head of the table. He’s going to sit wherever he sits, is the mainstay that is the main table. But it could be it could be fun with a if he was at the head of the kids table, like if we put all the kids at one table, I don’t think he. But if you want to email us an email and RSVP your invitation to Rick’s Thanksgiving because he’s now told us it’s an open door policy on Thanksgiving.

So email us. Rick should tell you how and you just say, hey, I’m coming over for Thanksgiving dinner. It’s podcast top rope wrestling dot com or Rick or drew at top rope or you can go to top rope wrestling dot com and click on the Contact US link at the top. Or you can call us and with a voicemail at 951 top rope and confirm your resume and confirm your reservations.

I actually made reservations for brunch on Sunday just a few minutes ago. Right before I got on it, I did not. We are made reservations to sit and be completely lengthy until the last possible minute before I have to leave for Sunday starter last year we tried to get into and catfish is but right before as for brunch and this year I was like you know what I’m going to call ahead and see if they do reservations because they used to not do reservations and now they do.

So I got us priority seating. It’s not reservations. What what are your thoughts on the Skyline Chili? It’s different. I don’t hate it. It works the way that they serve it, like because it’s a looser chili and everything. But it’s not my favorite by any means. I’m the cinnamon in its name. You know, I like the idea of chili on spaghetti because I like to put my chili over something.

I usually put it over rice. I was a big Chili Mac fan back in the day, so I like the idea of putting chili over the spaghetti. It didn’t taste bad, but the chili itself just wasn’t nothing to write home about. Yeah, it’s nothing special. I like that. It doesn’t have beans and like that. There’s something about my beans.

Oh, you did? I went for way. Yeah, I know. The I, I see. I like the onions. That’s my favorite part. But I don’t think I can take onions if I’m gonna eat an onion that has to be like, you know, the McDonald’s double cheeseburger, how they like their cut up. Very small chunks. Yes, they’re well, they’re the double cheeseburger.

It’s rehydrated dried onions. It’s almost one. Yeah. Are the make up the mcdouble. Yeah. Yeah. It’s very small cubes of onion. Yeah. Well they, they’ve got the little like the really, really, really tiny ones that are almost spreadable. Yeah. That’s rehydrated dried onion. Oh okay. Right. Well I can handle that. I do not like chunks of onions I need to grocery.

See, I like onions, so they do not gross me. I like the crunch and the flavor and everything. So, yeah, onions are good. Vince McMahon’s bad. Don’t rape people. I’m glad I did not purchase the Skyward Chili shirt before I eat it. Don’t want to promote them. I just do. I just glad I did. I will say that Cincinnati Chili is better than Saint Louis Pizza.

Saint Louis. If I go to Saint Louis, I will have to. Can you go up the arch? Yeah. Oh, yeah. I was at the top of the arch. How do you get there? It’s this, like, elevator thing. Okay, right? You’re like. It’s like you’re in this, like, round to, like, round thing, and that rotates as it’s going up the arch, like, and then there’s a nice flat place to walk when you’re up there or about.

Well, I mean, it’s fine, it’s curved, but it’s not like any more than some random hill. Like it’s not a bad curve at all, but I’m not, like, fucking, like, fearing for my life. No, no. You’re inside the. You’re inside the thing. There’s windows looking out over the city, over both sides. I kind of fall over and, like, tumble six stories down.

No, absolutely not. So I’m thinking that might be one of my next adventures is to see the the gateway to the west. This part routes all of this. Yes, it was cool. I enjoyed it. There. Barbecue is better than their pizza. 100%. Is Saint Louis known for their pizza? Yes. Well, I’ve never heard of it. It’s not really known for it, but they have their own style and it is definitely their own style and it is not very good.

Do you how do I feel if I grab a map? Am I able to find Nelly ville or do I just have to like be in no no.