Top Rope Wrestling Podcast
Top Rope Wrestling Podcast
Episode 171: Big Weekend

This week we are joined by our buddy Jay to talk about the Smackdown show on Friday as well as the house show on Sunday. We also introduce our new segment: This week in wrestling history.

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And now heading to the ring at a total combined weight of all. Wow. The top rope wrestling put ten. Welcome to another edition of the Top Rope Wrestling Podcast. I am Rick and Drew is rocking this Foo Fighters shirt like the 18th week in a row. Now you missed it a couple of weeks ago. Oh, yeah. Consistency is key.

Consistency is key. And that is Jay talking to us. He’s been on the show quite a bit for and he is wearing a never break kayfabe shirt. Nice $6 TS dot com or something like that. So it was very cheap. I have I have never broke kayfabe. I play the part of an asshole and I’ve done so for 43 years within the gimmick and living the gimmick that is his life forevermore.

So the reason Jay is joining us is we got to keep Phil at WWE Smackdown on Friday. And for the first time in my seat filling career, we actually got to fill seats and we were down on the floor, which was kind of awesome. Like we had better seats than I would have paid for. That’s for sure. Yeah.

I mean, it was when they, when they brought us down to where me and my buddy Adam cut about 45 people online and joined up with you guys. I’m sure that didn’t go over very well, but we didn’t care. Hang on, you guys. And they brought us to the floor. Fifth floor. You’re kidding me right now. And I didn’t get moved.

You, Drew, didn’t get moved. Oh, yeah, I got moved. It got moved. I wanted to get nachos. Come back in three. Y’all are gone. Yeah, there was a mishap with that because I didn’t realize you had left for nachos when the guy came to tap Rick, your friend and the other dude. He said, I’ll take four, and I didn’t see you.

So I thought you had walked away with them already. So I sat there, fucking stared at the guy and he walked them away that you came back with your food. And I’m like, Oh fuck, I think I just fucking didn’t do my job. Well, I’m here for one reason and I didn’t. I refuse to do it. Well, you didn’t refuse to do it.

You just didn’t know you were supposed to be doing it. Yeah, well, in his eyes, I was refused. I was being insubordinate. I guess so. But, yeah, it was. We had a I had a lot of fun. I yeah, I still prefer, like, pay per views and things where the action keeps going and you not to worry about commercial breaks and things like that.

But I mean, it wasn’t a bad show. It was I, I swear, jail has got into a fight at one point over paying for seats. This douchebag is sitting two rows behind. Behind Cole and McAfee. It was a down time, which there was plenty of that night, like way too much downtime. But he’s just sitting there and he’s being real, real loud music.

The business is dead. They killed the business and all that stuff. So I decide, man. I mean, I had in on a couple of beverages, so I decided to yell out, Yeah, well, you still paid for a second row seat. Oh, Earl, section is whole section. Just went dead silent and one dude in front of me just turned around and said, Yeah, but he didn’t say a word the whole rest of the show did he.

Did he say who killed the business? Was he in general. I don’t know who he was saying was like, the business is dead. You killed the business. And then he just one of those you know, one of those people that just has to bitch about everything is deputy be perfect. No respect on perfect. No. Is anything in wrestling perfect?

No. You’re always going to have this one idiot outlier that is going to bitch about it and think he’s smarter than everybody else. Yeah, it was. It was just funny to me that, like, I saw that and I just laughed. Like when you I saw I heard you starting to get into it with somebody. I was like, oh, god, is he going to say something he’s not supposed to is is going to get us kicked out.

And then I was like, are just making fun of the guy who is there for one reason. So so I’ll, I’ll, I’ll tell my story of the night, which was when. Ah, right before the, the main event, the almost versus riddle main of event. I go to walk to the bathroom and I get in there, I finish and in as I’m starting to leave walks a man with a blond mullet, black hair on the sides and a white fur coat.

I can’t make this man up even though I think I did like I. I, I can’t tell if he’s like my Tyler Durden, where he’s a figment of my imagination. And me and him are going to start some type of fight club with mullets and fur coats and shit. But I had to go home, watch Smackdown just to see if he was real.

And he was. Not only was he on Smackdown, I found him on Rampage. Yep. Robbery. Mike Reid. Who is he? Upgrade Mike Reed. I’m looking him up right now. He is over. Announced him before. He’s something. He wears a big white fur coat. He’s been on. He’s been on dark. I think he’s job done on dynamite before as well.

Well, no, this guy was in the crowd. It wasn’t like he was job and anyone was this guy as the worker in the crowd with his gear on what his chemical. Yeah I don’t. It was yeah actually I think that’s him. Let me, let me verify you guys verify this. I’m going to address the situation in this room.

Yeah, I am. I am pretty sure that that was you know, I think he’s wrestled a. Yeah.

Is it already. Yeah. Already. All right. Let’s take a look at this man. He’s actually wrestled a couple of times on a local pro wrestling. They do stuff around here girls in Claremont area and he has it was him now was it him and fellow Andre but he has done, I don’t forget, a motel. That’s the thing. Okay.

Maybe it’s not him. Maybe it’s just. Yeah, this isn’t him. No, I just there there is a there is a picture there is a picture on his Instagram of the guy though. If I. So there what we’re saying, Jay is there’s multiple people walking around the state of Florida with white fur coats right now. Disturbing like it’s like it’s people thought you’re making sure you see him.

Randy Randy Wentworth. That’s his name. Yes. Let verify the. How do we I don’t care if we waste 45 minutes of the show. This is this former head Randy Whitworth Wentworth w e w r t h upgrade. Mike read an Instagram. We just have to say the only reason I put in the I put in the upgrade and I saw him and so I thought it was it, but it was actually fighting Randy Wentworth.

So he’s got to hold on to the camera, see if you can see it. I don’t think you’ll be able to do it. That guy. No, it is not that guy. No, it’s neither of those two. Okay, then, then, then. Never mind. Yeah, no, the guy his name is Randy Wentworth. I’m 90% sure this is him. He is an interesting cat.

That or there’s somebody who looks just like him. The one that’s terrified. Hold on. I’m trying to add them to our screen. Oh, oh, no. This is it. This is it. Yeah, that’s it. Oh, for God’s sakes, how are you? Are you an actual human being? Well, you’re one of them. They’re on Friday night. I want to stay on the show and wonder, how are you a human?

I want to see he wrestled either like the pro wrestling action, like a PWI event or a maybe it was at a he was at a local event or something like that. But yeah, I honestly, the minute I saw him, I thought that someone had slipped acid in my water. I just thought with that, he got me. Yeah.

You know, I was surprised we didn’t see that pedophile Jason Rantz running around. Really surprised you didn’t see him there outside the building, at least is the rat there was a devil rat in. Well, I know there are people out there promoting their their upcoming event, but it wasn’t him. Yeah, yeah, yeah, there was. And, and I know them and I’ve worked for them before.

I’m aware. I know who I was inside. I knew what group there was, I didn’t know the guy himself, but yeah. The folks themselves. But yep, yep. I’ve done two or three shows with those guys, great guys. They, they put on a decent show. I mean a draw 7080 people crowd has fun goes home to our show quit getting get out my kind of thing Get in, get out don’t get paid and go home.

Wonderful. The way independent wrestling works these days. But I’m yeah so the event like the show itself I mean it was a wrestling show that didn’t have any kind of consequences like it was very forgettable episode of Smackdown if I wasn’t there, right? Yeah. There was nothing. There was nothing special about it. There was nothing. I figured in the two hour period they could have gotten more wrestling with, less talking.

But other than that, it was getting minute at 10 minutes where I think they were interested. I’ll give you 10 minutes. Fine. But. But she kept ring for 10 minutes, and next thing happens. I’m not sure how this is happening, but you’re, like, echoing now. Oh, fantastic. That was weird. Hold on. So do it like nothing. There’s also a point where Montez Ford clucked at the crowd like a chicken for about five or 10 minutes.

But I think they were at commercial. What happened? Yeah, there are some funny things that went on during the commercials. I will give it that much. Still. Go in here. What? We go. You’re good. Oh, that was just weird. Yeah, that. That whole thing at the end of the rest. So your main event of Smackdown, the main event is going to be singles from a tag just to get to a point where they announce the guest referee.

Yes. Who? Absolutely no one in that crowd cared about. Not a single fork was given. And I will say that dark match afterwards was trash. Yeah, that was all going to happen. Oh, my God. It was like we were like that. That was the end of the match. That that was it. It was like there was no I wasn’t there nothing like legitimate.

Like it was a it was a cue, I think. But it was like the most like it was the trashiest d you ever. Yeah. They’re not going to let riddle like job at this point because there’s a lot and they’re not going to let. Oh, I’m almost I’m almost almost I’ll just point to a fucking guy that’s David Lynch is shorter than him in this almost experiment.

I believe he’s filled out. Yeah. Having seen them twice in two and three days, I can say that it was a failure. I’m more interested in dancing shaky than I am. And anything that almost does, I. So, I mean, is standard is jinder going to do it wincing, get a break and dance to you know what’s going to happen?

Why do they have to have middle Eastern characters dance? It’s by far the first one, you know. Yeah, absolutely. That. Why is that a thing? All Japanese wrestlers have to be heels when they first start and all that and all Middle Eastern ones have to dance to Punjabi music. Yeah, I don’t get it. Yeah, it was just. It was, yeah.

I don’t know. Lazy booking it. Yeah, pretty much. So that was Friday night and then Sunday night. It’s as if we thought it ended there right then Sunday night, Drew and I went to the house show in Daytona Beach, which I will say was at least the raw roster inside of the Smackdown roster. So we got to see mostly new people.

We had a couple of repeats, but mostly new, but we can go through the card and. And do you have the card? I have the card because I only remember like two matches. Right. I it was it was a thing. Alexa Bliss defeated Dewdrop. Okay. I remember that match because it had Alexa Bliss on it. Yep. I could look out for that.

And then totally fine. Veerman defeated Cedric Alexander. Oh, yeah, he sure did. That was when Drew decided to point out to his hetero life partner that that Veerman was the million dollar arm from from baseball. And so that was the interesting fact of the night that you played the part that two out of the three of us kneel, follow it then.

Actually, it was a pretty decent match. Was AJ Styles was Ciampa actually that was or yeah I enjoyed that match and that’s was that when they went to that was when they took the break wasn’t it. No, no. Okay. Well then they had the raw women’s championship versus Bianca Belair and Carmella defeated Tama. Oh, it was not good.

Not good at all. They and then then on top of that, I got to watch it again last night. At least it was. And fast forward this time and then there was the street profits in the Zeke Deal versus the Alpha Academy in theory, which was an entertaining match. I hate Ezekiel, but it was a very entertaining match.

Come on. I mean, you hate to see Kill the lions. No, I fucking hate that alliance. Well, I don’t. Don’t let him lie to you. I saw him getting zipped up over there. Yeah, that was Zeke. Yeah, well, I was there at some point during this. There was definitely somebody in our our area getting a hit in the green.

A little hard, but yeah, the predictability. Oh, my God. Like it smelled so bad, it was not good. Weed, whatever he was smoking was not good weed. So yeah, that happened. Um, then almost versus r-truth almost defeated. This match went on forever and it was mostly R-Truth talking before the match, which was the best part of the match, by the way.

I was going to go see it had all been it wasn’t like it wasn’t good talking. He did his his song. He had the crowd say what’s up. About 400 times. Yeah, you know, I say, what’s up? So it’s not 1994. All right. I can’t just say what’s up constantly. Now, I was laughing about his childhood hero, though.

Yeah, I had to explain that to the to our third party. We didn’t get the joke. Even when I told him that R-Truth was five years older than him, it was John Cena. But but yeah. Like there was some entertaining stuff. I laughed pretty hard on that one. That followed by one of the most confusing, weird whatever matches with the 24 seven match where the 24 seven rules were postponed for the time being.

And Dana, Brooke defeated Nikki Ashton, Tamina, keeping that title. And then after it, people came out to try and get it and failed. And it was it was weird. I think after that they took the intermission because they were like, after that fucking nonsense, we got to let these people rest for a minute to think that they paid they they paid people to be there.

They paid wrestlers, established wrestlers to be there, to only come up. Akira Tozawa, I’m sure, was one of them. They traveled them, they flew them to Daytona Beach floor. They paid them just to come out and chase them around the ring and leave. Yeah, Reggie. Right, right. Reggie might have done a roll up. Yeah, I think Reggie would do a roll up.

Oh Reggie is still there. Why is the why isn’t he in triple M. He should be in Eli Drake’s group. But that makes sense, wouldn’t it? But yet, next intermission was the Mysterio’s defeated Judgment Day by Eddy Cue again. This one had a weird finish to was good it had the finish that was on raw two weeks ago.

Oh did it. Where he slammed the chair on the floor. He slams the chair on the ground, throws it to fucking Finn Balor says, Hey ref, look, he hit me. I’m like Eddie Guerrero, you know? And then then the mysterious ran off, and there were a couple of botches in this match, too, that were, like, just strange, especially like Finn Balor.

I really enjoy it and think he’s very talented, but I think he couldn’t hold it together with everybody else. Fuck it up. It was. It was one of those things we were in the room as any good. Yeah. And then the last match of the night was the Daytona Beach Street fight, which was Riddle. Riddle defeating Seth Rollins, a match that we know we missed the match.

They didn’t have it on the list. Which one should we miss? Oh, never mind. Oh, you just forgot. Did you mention that Austin Theory and Gable and. Yeah, the street profits over here. You mentioned Austin Theory or Chad Gable. Well, I think the Alpha came to me. All right. So Daytona Beach driven Daytona Beach Street fight and Riddle defeated Seth Rollins.

We only saw about a third of this match because most of it took place outside of the ring on the other side of the arena at a house show that they have very little camera.

The only thing Daytona, Daytona Beach about this match was that it took place in Daytona. No one got hit with a beach towel, a six pack of Miller Lite. There was no meth involved. Yeah, there’s no methanol, which, I mean, how can a match be called anything in Volusia County if meth is not involved? I came to Little Lake County, so I can’t I can’t see a damn thing in the sand.

There was no water. There was nothing. Yeah, it was a lot of the building there. Just no one even saw them or just sort of the back and had a cup of coffee. Did I not see that finding out more? I brought up the the match that the Hardys had in NWA mean the end of it in TNA when they left the arena.

And then next thing they know like they’re in a car over by the Orlando I like they’re like I’m like that’s not physically possible. You can’t make that trip that fast. Yeah, it was a thing. But yeah, it was all prerecorded. And I want to say you in the like lighting wasn’t right. It wasn’t like as dark as was outside or yeah, it was a thing.

But yeah. So that happened. Had there been a sandcastle in the ring and someone got body slammed through it, it would have been like, I don’t know. That’s yeah. It’s all sounds confusing and terrible. It were pretty much the same. Oh, wait to go to the next house show. With all that said Mafia, join you guys for that that shit show biz.

That sounds terrible but awesome. So yeah that was that was our weekend. I had also been I went and my wife was getting her black belt, so I had spent my entire weekend in Daytona of Jada’s like freaked out. Your wife was getting her black belt? Yes. In one discipline. Taekwondo beat your ass. Yes, absolutely. Yeah. She she started a couple of years ago and and with my son because my son convinced her that she should do it with him and now she’s a black belt and he’s still a blue belt.

So I good for her minutes. Fantastic. That’s cool. But yeah. So I spent my entire weekend in Daytona. I drove back for the show and Orlando and then drove back for the had come back to Orlando, drop off my stuff, drove back to Daytona for the show. So spent a lot of time with Daytona this weekend. How far is that?

An hour and a half drive now. It’s it’s actually just it’s an hour like almost on the dot. So and Bucky’s was involved virtually all the matters in the day. Yeah. So I actually stopped it. But like which time when I was I, I got everything a Bucky’s I had, I got jerky, the bohemian garlic jerky. I got now.

What did I get that. No I didn’t get any beaver nuggets this time. I got they had this jalapeno cheddar sausage that I really like that sounds like beaver shit. I think that’s what it’s supposed to sell it in a bag. They come in about. They’re like popcorn, like pop. Oh, it’s not even chicken nuggets. No, no, it’s simple.

It’s almost like a puffed, puffed snack that they put sugar all over. And I don’t know what it is. Yeah, that it is sugar or. Yeah. Have you had the sweet and spicy ones. Those are my favorite. They’re yeah. They’re cause they, they’re like the regular beaver nuggets, but they also have spicy stuff on them so that that’s bad.

I need that. That’s not good. Um, but yeah. So I wanted to start a new spot this week. I talked about it last week of doing This Week in Wrestling History, explained the day last week because he he decides that he wants to start a new segment on the show that week that he had no information for. I wanted to announce that we were going to start a new one, but I didn’t have anything that week to announce the announcement.

Yeah, well, originally I was going to do it because I think I thought I could look it up on the fly and do it on the fly real fast. It’s not something you can do on the fly. So but I want to do like this week in wrestling history because I think like there’s a lot of things that happen every week in different wrestling and, you know, along the way.

And so I found some information about this week. Um, I figured we would start out like do a monday, the Sunday of every week. So we’re going to start with the 18th. In 1993, W CWA speech class took place at Gulf Coast Coliseum in Biloxi, Mississippi. It was the final WCW pay per view under the banner. So and it was the biggest thing in the show is Ric Flair won his 10th and final NWA World Championship or World Heavyweight Championship, beating Barry Windham.

ICW had their most watched ever pay per view with the CW presents Heat Wave 99. Both a name like that. Yeah, absolutely. With a name like that. And then in 2010, the first ever WWE money in the bank happened or money in the bank happened. So two one. I was just the j. I don’t think your audio’s working yet.

You are that beautiful microphone that makes sense. There was easy W’s heat wave that year. That was some place like Michigan, Dayton, Ohio was enough. And even the Hulk with. Um. And then let’s see, Kane was the one that won the first ever money in the bank, and he also became the first one to ever cash it in, in the same night as he challenged Rey Mysterio for the title just moments after he was the first ever winner.

Every question I would have got wrong. No way, way to guess it. Kane was the very first ever money. The bank winner. Let’s see. And then I’m back in 2021 there was a that will be held their first pay per view in in front of fans after COVID. Was it on the 18th WrestleMania I know is the money in the bank at Dickies Arena in Fort Worth, Texas.

I thought WrestleMania before that was yeah Russ Me was in March and knew they. Yeah. Where the hell are your sources. I don’t know what kind. That incredible website that Wikipedia’s not always right. Next it’s going to tell you Randy Wentworth won the WWE title and years ago today he with his buddy who is who is the guy you thought it was great read right?

Yeah my granny they firm they formed the fur coat mafia and won the tag team titles. Well, either way in rock and roll so we have a we have Joey Matthew birthday is where Joey MATTHEWS the great Satsuki Al Snow and Carlos clone on the eight foot a quarter and Calvin’s clones and it would stay there pretty gross to look like do in dusty you look like they have no cuts in gotten head whatsoever in July 19th 1997 heat wave also took place in Philadelphia Pennsylvania which I can’t say there actually is heat in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Yeah, they can be. And that was the Jerry of the King Lawler heat wave where he had been talking shit that he was going to beat everybody in ICW and that ICW was trash. And so that was actually a really well done angle, in my opinion. I mean, they the lights go out, he lights come up and he’s in the ring and he would shoot Brock on a time during his balls with a kendo stick is not mistaken that look that up because he did he didn’t work and he kind of shot I mean in a run the sack with a kendo stick and legit ruptured one of his testicles.

Look that up with a little research or that came out came into WrestleMania 29 Tna’s victory Road. Pay-Per-View took place at the Impact Zone in Orlando with Kurt Angle defeating Mick Foley to retain his TNA World Heavyweight title. It was a dark time in TNA, in my opinion. Yeah, I mean there was pretty much always a dark time in TNA, but Booker T and Scott Steiner defeated Beer Money as well that night, and Taz made his first company appearance.

Wow, really? And let’s see, 2016, it was the reintroduction of the brand split between Raw and Smackdown. Yep, I remember that. Let’s see some notable birthdays. Jinder Mahal. His birthday is we’re recording on the 19th, so Jinder Mahal is birthdays today. Mike Modest. Robert Gibson. So yeah. July 20th, 1973 Jack Briscoe defeated Harley race to capture the TNA or the NWA World Heavyweight Championship for the first time 1992, Scott Hall taped his first match in WWE as Razor Ramon, defeating Jim Powers, Paul Bando and Tony Roy in separate matches that, you know, I may have been at that this Tony Roy was a local New England enhancement talent and it sounds like it was probably

a superstars tape where you were three times. And so that’s how they take them back in the day. They would take, yeah, 50 matches and it’d be 6 hours long. It would be just the talent, big red tape entrances. It was just nuts. So they probably had the razor come out and just beat three guys in 2 minutes.

H And the fact that Tony Roy was there tells me it was definitely used in the Northeast. So and then 2020 and 2020 on an episode of Raw taped at the Performance Center, Randy Orton defeated the big show in an unsanctioned match. That was show’s last match in the WWE. Wasn’t that at the end of WrestleMania? No, I don’t think he fought him right.

He fought Edge in the Performance Center. It was it was Drew McIntyre that that worked. Big show. That’s right. 20 or some birthdays. Evil Uno, Mike Sanders, Bob Wharton, senior July 21st. So 1995 here in well, in Tampa, Florida, the ICW had an event going on and it was the event where the fans rushed the crowd and then the the ring ended up collapsing.

Oh, yeah. So that was and ICW actually ended up being banned from the Sunshine Network because of the of the things that happened. It was also the event angle that the Sandman delivered. Ten Singapore Kane lashes to Monkey Whip Wreck two Obviously sexual pleasure of women resulted in ICW briefly being banned from the cable operator, the Sunshine Network.

WB 22 WWE inventions took place at the Joe Louis Arena in Detroit. I think they’ve torn down the Joe, if I remember correctly. I’m pretty sure it’s gone. Yeah, but the Rock won his record breaking. It doesn’t say how many WWE championship. So. But I could break in. I think we had the final four times. Totality. Yep. Either way that wasn’t right that wasn’t that was like that wasn’t actually the important part.

The UN Americans ended Hulk Hogan’s only tag team championship run when they defeated Hulk Hogan and Edge. So the Americans beat Hulk Hogan and Edge that night. Was that Rob Conway or an or free lance storm and Christian even better far better actually and Lord Alfred Hayes passed away in 2005 man it bring the room down right yeah.

You know it happens. Hangman Page is celebrating his birthday on the 20th or 21st. Giant Silver and Mark Youngblood. Youngblood 23, July 22nd, 1996 was the first a fruitcake that blah blah Farouq made his debut Oh helmet Farouk Yes meet and let’s see. Ahmed Johnson was the Intercontinental Champion. Oh 2001. The invasion pay per view took place took place with WCW coming in and doing the invasion angle.

Quite forgettable. Yes, that could have been so good. They could have done so much more with that, but they just buried everybody right out the gate that could have this could have dragged on for literally years. But they just because it was ego so damn big, you just can’t everybody in three months and then yeah, we’ll keep a couple of y’all and rest your God.

Interesting enough, it was actually the highest buy rate of any non WrestleMania event up until that point with 770 770,000 viewers in North America right. When you think about it, it was a great angle. So you’ve got all three of the major companies who were trying to business to try to be resurrected. And you’ve got them both joining forces in trying to get in there.

Maybe now you’ve had family split, the whole thing. It was well written. It was well done. The only thing that wasn’t well written about it was the finishes was how things just end up going. So of course they’re going to be shook and everybody else, it makes it look the best part. You just and then it just disappeared goes away and you keep Booker T and keep the guys that are good.

And then everyone else just turns in the job, guys. And it was the ball was dropped there that was legitimately a possibility for a year long angle and they blew it. Yes, I 100% agree with you. And they could, like they could have done, kept them separate. And then like battled. Yeah, it was the whole thing. But also happened.

2019 was the Raw Reunion special from Tampa with Pat Patterson and Gerald Briscoe, Kelly Kelley. Ted DiBiase So Old School got some birthdays, Fandango, Thunder, Rosa, Shawn Michaels, David Von Erich and the Fabulous Moolah all had birthdays on the 20 seconds. Fandango just won the title up in New York. I saw that. But anyways, yeah, I just want some random individual.

July 23rd, 1984. I was the WWF, the brawl to end all at Madison Square Garden. And so that was the that the rock and wrestling connection match with Wendy Richter beating fabulous moolah at 84, right? Yep. 1984. I don’t think there was a whole lot else. I mean, there’s a lot of other things that went on that day, but I don’t think there was a lot of it that I was drawn towards, including notable wrestlers.

There’s not really even Zack Saber Junior is probably the most notable wrestler birthday. And then, let’s see, July 24th, which will be our last day. Great American Bash happened in 2005, the WWE Great American Bash, not the WCW Great American Bash with Bradshaw picking up a huge win over Batista. Um.

Oh, that was the Torrie Wilson Braun Penny’s match. The Molina Torrie Wilson Brian Benes match. Um, and yeah, Angelo Dawkins birthday. Torrie Wilson’s birthday. Uh, on the Today Show, then a birthday. You had to do that on her birthday. What of bitch? Okay. Yeah, there’s, like, mostly, like, everything else that was going on with that was during that on that day was just little like matches here and there.

Like nothing. Nothing big. So that is this week in wrestling history. Next time, I’ll try to condense it some more. You know, it’s disturbing. At some point, either next year or years from now, you’re going to be reading one of these off and you’re going to say on this date man swore in mass debuted for maximum male models and you’re going to read it with a straight face like a calendar.

So you come up with your calendar you got there, Rick I’ll have to keep that. I will make sure to put that in my calendar just so I know that it happened. So I’m five years from now reminds you that this happened that at one time a character named Man swore and say existed. Oh, that is definitely a perfectly good worker and a perfect attacker.

And Eli Drake changed his name not once, but twice and did this. NELSON In my opinion, this whole maximum models thing is funny as hell. It’s been done very. It’s funny. It’s a flop fall on its ass with your WWE fans and smart marketing goods. It’s so stupid, but it’s entertaining. It’s different. It’s not very different, but it’s different.

You got a very talented guys. One guy that can talk is ass off and make anything entertaining and the fans are going to go buy it because it’s going to be working. And if you’re like, Excellent, what do you guys think would make WWE fans happy? What would it increase ratings? What would get the type of survivors anymore?

What would you give it more? I know the behavior of premium live events. What do you guys think this is? US run up a little bit. What do you think would make people happy about it? I really think you can take it. Yeah. You see, it’s a smart marketing take. Meltzer all these idiots, what do you think would finally make them happy?

Well. Meltzer, it’s to be five star matches from the beginning to the end of Raw every week. Yeah. So can you make up for 2 hours? Yeah. Versus Seth Rollins? Yeah. And just a series of different types of matches. Yes. And if best 20 out of 26 false do a three hour match every Monday night. But in all seriousness, so what what can they do to shut everybody up?

What can they do to get fewer? Laughing reacts? Facebook Post. What can they do to get back some semblance of return? Back the clock the DeLorean and go back to yeah let’s do it there will never rematch again even the triangular TV 14 what can be done. But the thing is, even during the attitude era there was so much trash.

Like people remember all the good shit during the attitude area there was so much trash and so many trashy just characters and everything. Like it was not as a as a whole. The, the, the thing is with the attitude era is the good outweighed the bad like there was. So the quality of the good was so high that the bad was just kind of ignored, but there was a lot of bad that went along with the attitude.

So I don’t like honestly, I think it’s, it’s going to come up with somebody being creative like the problem, like you see the same shit over and over again. Like God knows how many times, you know, the USOs, the mysterious fight each other, you know, it’s just it’s the same shit over and over again. And I the reason I like watching A.W. is because a lot of times it’s they’re at least trying new things.

Doesn’t always work, but they’re trying new things, you know, WWE just keeps going with it. I believe during the what do you call it, the the pandemic era of WWE, there was a Dumpster, monster and ninja and not did. You’re not lacking trying. All right. There was a swap match at one point. Yes. What else was zombie in the reboot of ACW?

So I mean we know where their head that fucking the Miz fought zombies in a Pay-Per-View last year sometime. Yeah. Okay. So there’s a difference between trying to work your sponsor into a match versus being something that’s actually creative. Yeah. Or at least be creative from a record sponsoring rises. But there’s just so much ridiculousness. I don’t I think it’s too far gone.

I mean, you’re never going to make a majority of people happy. It’s like politics is never going to make a majority of people happy. No matter what you do, you can eat your AWP which is your alternative. So you’re going to have a barbed wire every match this week with Eddie Kingston and Chris Jericho. You do this different stuff.

You do the blood and guts. People do want to see blood still. People do want to see the goofy stuff and the deathmatch crap you bring in Nick Gage, for Christ’s sake, on national television, which is the biggest abomination in the fucking business. You bring that toothless moron and on national fucking television. Sorry, I said it. We’ll be interviewing him next week.

Please head after. Bring me on to. But like you throw a lot of shit at the wall and see what sticks. Vincent For anything at the wall, he’s like this good shit. Let’s just put it out there and see what happens and it gets shit on and they got he’s trying different stuff. I just, I, the only thing I wish they would bring back from the attitude era is just the letting the wrestlers go out and talk and not worry about the swearing and not worry about scripted shit so someone doesn’t have to start a sentence over every time he gets interrupted and someone Austin theory can look at the crowd, tell them to shut

the fuck up when they say what to them and you’re right how that would help let these guys spinning off the couch because you know, I’m all Seth Rollins going to do that. You know damn well Kevin was going to do that rail can probably do that you got to see anything can do that. You’ve got you’ve got probably 2025 people on that roster that can just go off the cuff and talk.

You don’t have to sit back and watch appear a little bit to do pages and it sounds so canned and so some sounds terrible. Yeah, I really do think that they they need to let the wrestlers be creative again. They don’t need to script every there are certain wrestlers that need to be scripted. That is that is not a question.

But there are certain wrestlers and there have always been certain wrestlers that can go out there and talk and do their thing. And they’re very good at it. And that’s what made the Attitude Era what the Attitude Era was. I mean, you think of rock, everyone out there with a script. No. I mean, he like he had no idea what he was going to say, but that was it.

You know, Mick Foley, never. He wasn’t a scripted guy. You know, he talks like that regularly. It’s it. Yeah. And and so what if like, you know, two guys are talking shit back and forth and something one of them says makes the other one laugh. I mean, it just it makes it sound. What if someone saying they’re talking shit to me and they say something that’s funny?

Even if I’m pissed off, I’ll probably laugh at it. Or at least crack a smile. Yeah, but it. It pop the crowd, the audience. It passes TV. People are alive. It was sort of one of the funniest skits within the crack mock up. Yeah. Those are the the funniest scenes when they crack so crazy. And with Jimmy Fallon so those are the ones that you remember.

They’re so good. There are popping in each other at that point. You know, a lot of work stuff about the boys, the back to stop thing, you know, those guys trying to play with a page that better in the crowd at that particular time and let these guys be creative let these guys talk. When these guys go off the cuff, you go with 30 seconds, 30 seconds opportunity all by.

I’m curious some of them I’m just curious like what the hell with Becky or Montez Ford or the Miz? Like, they’re really good talkers. What would they say without a script? Because they’re good with the script. Mm hmm. Yeah, he wrote it for her because she is probably a little too fast with Seth Rollins in mind, for he just go on and off, and it would be entertaining as all hell.

It would be great. But if the script blow the point, they’re going to this point across and do what you want away. But if they’re going to do it for 20 years, people would get over again what it takes to, well, you want to go ahead and wrap this up and we’ll well, we’ll have John again for sure.

I always we always have a good conversation. So we should we should get Jay on before we get someone else on, because you have the you have the chance to be the first fourth time guest on the show. This is my number two now. So we taped two shows with you. We did two shows the same time. Technically, you’ve been on three separate times.

Double dip. That’s right. That’s right. Let’s wait, wait, wait. Did you did the round table with the round table, WrestleMania two. Yeah. Yeah, I drink a lot. I don’t know for four four times on this episode. Put it on your resume under that I guess my third half of that podcast. You got anything you want to plug yet?

Any matches or anything you go wrestling with boxing August 13th, I will be at the Plaza Alive on Bobby Down and all the Circuit City promotions, bringing in pro boxing to the Plaza Live. That card top to bottom like usual like we always do and tickets are available on the undisputed promotions dot net and they started at 50 bucks but it’s worth every single penny.

The plot Alive is a very small venue. I think it’s going to see about 800. So we’ll have stage seats, we’ll have the ring on the floor, we’ll have balcony, we’ll have rides, we’ll have VIP tables. It’s it’s going to be a damn good show. We haven’t we haven’t ran it all six months to use come up here along the way but August 13th plaza alive I’ll be there really announcing and doing a play by play.

And it’ll be a debut night of professional boxing. Drew, anything you want to plug or just want to go and play our socials? The only thing I can plug, I will tell you. I’ll, I’ll, I’ll. What do you call it? What do you call it? Rick on Facebook. Vague book. Yeah. When you’re being purposely big. Yeah I’ll big book something for you guys.

I thought you guys after the show, but I have made a stupid request that got somewhat accepted and before I could say anything, I have to make sure it’s going to happen. And now I am absolutely dreading it. So yeah go to top rope wrestling dot com is involved engage. No, no. Next week we’ll be getting our asses kicked by Nick Gage.

What’s he? Here’s this show because it’ll be the one time someone tunes into our show. Don’t you want me to do it? Going. Going. Hey, this show looks stupid. Let me listen to it. What a top rope wrestling podcast on Instagram. Top of wrestling without the G on Twitter. Go to Facebook while Ric makes faces at me that he’s not going to get me a crack today I just yeah go to Facebook you know you can look it up or you’re there, but just go to Facebook, top of wrestling podcasts there.

Then you go to top rope wrestling dot com. From there you can read all our book. You read all our high, you can read our you can see our archives, listener archives. Listen to our show last week. Listen to this one again. I help get a domain. How do I get that domain? I bought it from someone else who had it.

No, I bought it. It was an open domain. I kept an eye on it for a very long time. And yeah, we actually are probably growing like we own top rope wrestling and top dash rope dash wrestling. Like, yeah, we own, we own a lot TRW stock Kostek. Now you don’t want dashes in your URL but yeah. So yeah.

Am I supposed be plugging email now. I haven’t throat thrown to you yet but yeah go ahead. You have to do it if you only have a voice mail. I guess you got to leave us voicemail. You can call us at 951 top rope if you want to leave us an email. Email. Rick, Ruth or Rick. Ruth, Rick, Rick.

Email, Rick Drew. Well, Rick drew or podcast to top rope wrestling dot com. And they will all get to me and I’ll get to who they need to go to. So number two, Jesus Christ, I’m sorry for cutting into the plugs here, but you got Vandy number two. Yeah, we got 951200. So it’s great that no one ever called.

No, no. This calls that our warranty is expired. We’ll play those on the show. I’ve asked him to. Okay, well, next time. Next time, we’ll go through our voicemails and hear your word these expired or this is the IRS back. Mel Millsaps. Well, those back to the back of the back, we’ve been we’ve been neglecting our voicemail box.

So we’re going to go ahead and really are we’re in cul de sac is this segment on playing with Zach. Oh, yeah. Tune in next time for the sack.